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Easy Homemade Kimchi

----Ingredients---- 2½ pounds Nappa Cabbage 2½ teaspoons Salt 1 head of Garlic 1 inch of Fresh Ginger ¼ cup Soy Sauce ⅓ cup Sugar ½ cup Korean Chili Powder (Kochukaru) 3 tablespoons Fish Sauce 4-5 Scallions 1 Carrot ----Equipments---- Food processor Air-tight Jars ----Instructions---- 1. Core and cut nappa cabbage into 2-inch pieces. 2. Wash cabbage pieces and drain excess water. 3. Add salt into cabbage pieces and toss throughly. 4. Let the cabbage sit for 1-2 hour at room temperature. 5. Peel garlic and ginger. Then add garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, Korean chili powder (Kochukaru) and fish sauce into food processor to…